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With our knowledge, skills and experience and with an objective way of quantifying essential characteristics, I can match the possible suitability of the candidate for your vacancy. And for those who know me, I’m crazy to recommend a dark horse, or a white raven in addition to the one-one-match. Precisely that candidate who may not initially be the most obvious candidate, but who, if you dare to stick your neck out, you will enjoy for the upcoming years.


The guts to do it differently is not for fun. From the very beginning I have seriously immersed myself in the studies that have been done worldwide on the outflow due to aging, through encouraged entrepreneurship, new ways of thinking about work among younger people, but also in the design of school systems and learning institutions. Although we, as companies, think that in a year or two we will post a vacancy that we can recruit the intended candidate, it is an illusion. We must think differently in companies.


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