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About me

Connecting is something I do by nature. Whether it concerns people to people, or people to business, it comes naturally.

Executive Search and Recruitment

With 20 years as an entrepreneur, having sold my business, I am a professional in providing strategic and tactical services with a strong line to HR. My past experience has given me the necessary skills to recruit, develop, manage, coach, hire and align employees to reach the goals of numerous national and international companies. As an advisor to boards I have worked as a libero with many different (company) cultures, in different countries and with people from all over the world. This requires flexibility and ambiguity also related to the different cultures, local standards and customs and meanwhile expressing and safeguarding the culture of your company. 

Next to my experience, my most valued qualities and innate soft skills is my authentic interest in people and my radiant personality.

What I do

Over the years I have connected many people to companies, for me it was a logical next step to turn this service available to all of you and start this boutique, female run search and consultancy business together with my team. 

Our model, which measures behavior in the workplace, is central to our projects and services. This allows us to analyze quick, pragmatic and objective who the employees are in your company and also defines trends and culture. This information provides us instantly insights into the challenge that you, as organization, present to us. This challenge can be as big as making an overall company analysis as an important part of the blue print of the organisation which can be also useful in restructures and mergers and acquisitions to leadership, training and development up to selection and recruitment. Eyeshift has extensive (inter)national experience in working in many different industries and provides services and information to increase effectiveness, efficiency and job satisfaction.

Executive search

It is currently a demand market and many companies are struggling to find new employees. On the other hand, I still meet very capable people in the field who are quite up for a fun new challenge. Todays situations on the job market is that many people do wish to take that opportunity and succeed as an independent professional and take the advantages in what we call the great resignation. And still many prefer to join a company. Reasons?: a new and younger generations entered the work place, different view and perspective on what place work should have in life and not to forget:
'employees do not leave companies, they leave their manager'
With our knowledge, skills and experience and with a proven scientific method that measures behaviors in an objective way we quantify the essential characteristics, we match and propose candidates that are not only suitable to do job based on their behavorial characteristic but also on the competency level maybe coming from a totally different background. We find you the best possible candidates even if you need a unicorn, a dark horse or white raven.


For those who know me, I'm crazy to recommend a dark horse, or a white raven in addition to the one-one-match. Precisely that candidate who may not initially be the most obvious candidate, but who, if you dare to stick your head above the parapet, you will enjoy for the upcoming years.

People leave the boss, not the company. In a demand market you come across the strangest things looking in the search of good candidates. High salaries, and even cars and places to live, are offered for good employees.
That rises the questions what makes a good employee a good employee? Using a short survey that identifies what the essential behaviors are to be successful, a profile is created. If it concerns a position where several people hold the same position, we perform a double scientific analysis by asking the management to list the 10 top performers and the 10 bottom performers and ask these the complete the individual behavorial survey as well. Based on the gathering of all this information, we provide one or more candidates that are scientifically validated fit for the job.


Your company has a good product and/ or service. You're successful as a company and yet we often forget who ultimately make it so successful. Right, the employees who come to your company every day with optimism and give their best. And yet it is often ff balance in how much attention we give to that. And then again even if you have the focus as a company then still is the question how?
When there's an immediate cause or perhaps even a necessity we start looking at our people.
Are we going to grow, which type of people need to be added, are we buying another company, which people are coming on board, or who do we need to say goodbye, a restructure, a team that doesn't function, the search for a new leader, director or a vacancy for a C-level position.
Together with the key-players in the organization and with the cooperation of the people on the work floor, we clarify the individual talents and the groups efforts, the gaps in performances and leadership issues into a clear blueprint which is the fundament of which a pragmatic change process can be defined in a road map in which the leaders, the employees and the customer can recognize themselves.


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PI Europe-The Netherlands

Predictive Index sales, implementation and training of PI assessment tool within several process such as recruitment, talent optimization and leadership development.



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Several Interim jobs as CEO for Italian companies.