Nelien Krijtenburg

Connecting people

About me

Connecting is something I do by nature. Whether it concerns people to people, or people to business, it comes naturally.

Executive search and recruitment

With 20 years as an entrepreneur, having sold my business, I am a professional in providing strategic and tactical services with a strong line to HR. My past experience has given me the necessary skills to recruit, develop, coach, hire and align employees to reach the goals of numerous national and international companies. As an advisor to boards I have worked as a libero with many different (company) cultures, in different countries and with people from all over the world. This requires flexibility and ambiguity also related to the different cultures, local standards and customs and meanwhile expressing and safeguarding the culture of your company. 

Next to my experience, my most valued qualities and innate soft skills is my authentic interest in people and my radiant personality.

What I do

Over the years I have connected many people to companies, so it was a logical next step to make this business available to all of you and start this boutique, female run Search business together with my team.

Executive search

It is currently a demand market so you, as clients, are looking for good employees. On the other hand, I still meet very capable people in the field who are quite up for a fun new challenge. Not everyone is suitable to work as a self-employed person and so the great resignation is reality but not for everyone, for now... With our knowledge, skills and experience and with an objective way of quantifying essential characteristics, I can match the possible suitability of the candidate for your vacancy.


For those who know me, I'm crazy to recommend a dark horse, or a white raven in addition to the one-one-match. Precisely that candidate who may not initially be the most obvious candidate, but who, if you dare to stick your neck out, you will enjoy for the upcoming years.


People make up a large part of the capital of the organization and if you make a comparison between the attention that goes to the product or service and the attention that goes to the people who actually have to make the business successful, it is often out of balance. The leaders in the organizations lead employees towards the objective. It is therefore important that they know who the employees in their team are and how they can keep these people motivated on a daily basis by creating the right working climate.


Talent Management

My Experience




Consultancy | Reorganization | Strategic HR | Recruitment | People and Culture | Leadership



Predictive Index

Selling Predictive index and implementing this assessmenttool within several process such as recruitment, talent optimization and leadership development.



Interim CEO

Several Interim jobs as CEO for Italian companies.